EarBombz™ Helpful Hints

Silicone tips:

For the best listening experience, it is important to select the correct size of silicone tips for your ears. Using the wrong-sized tips can greatly affect the audio quality and sound isolation of your headset.  The ideal fit is one that allows you to hear audio signals with minimal intrusion from outside noise. Users sometimes assume that a larger tip will provide better sound isolation, but in a smaller ear canal, too large of a tip can bend and twist, preventing an adequate “seal.”  Experiment with different tip sizes in each ear to find the size that works best for you.

In the unlikely event that you find yourself with one of our products in need of replacement, MultiSonus Audio "EarBombz™" branded products come with a limited manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Our policy for North America is as follows:

  • Product registration is required for activation of the warranty. Products must be registered within 30 days of purchase. Simply fill out the form to the left. Include bar code numbers and store of purchase in comments.
    If the product has a manufacturing defect, we will replace the product at no charge.
  • A Return Authorization (RA) number is required for product replacement. We are not responsible for items sent without RA numbers. RA numbers will be emailed out after submission of RA form.
  • Return of damaged or defective products is required for product replacement. Whileinbound mailing of defective products is at the customer's expense, we will meet you halfway by offering our replacement shipment free of charge.
  • If you get radical and break or damage the product, we will provide a replacement of the same or similar model at 75% off the retail price from our online store. Shipping and handling charges will apply. Charges for shipping & handling may vary from product to product and from location to location.

Outside of North America, warranty policies may vary from country to country, as mandated within each country. Customers should contact their local distributor for specific instructions as per each country’s agreement.  Multisonus Audio reserves the right to alter warranty policy at any time without notice.


EarBombz are capable of providing highly amplified audio levels. When connecting EarBombz to your playback device, be sure the volume level of the device is turned to the lowest setting. Slowly bring the volume up to a comfortable listening level. Sustained exposure to high volume levels can damage your hearing. Be cautious and use common sense while using Earbombz™ in order to preserve your hearing. Because of the exceptional sound isolation capabilities of the silicone tips, exercise EXTREME CAUTION when using EarBombz™. Be aware that when listening, your normal hearing capabilities will be compromised. Be particularly careful while walking, jogging, biking, and exercising while wearing Earbombz™ in public, since you will not be able to hear outside sounds at normal volume which could put you and others at risk of injury or death. EarBombz, LLC and MultiSonus Audio, LLC accept no liability in the use or abuse of this product.

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