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It is our shared vision to use our company’s success to make a positive impact on the world we share by supporting such causes as cancer awareness & research in addition to a wide variety of music programs.

Art of the Brain Mission Statement

Art of the Brain at the UCLA Foundation is a non-profit organization who's mission is to raise money for the UCLA Neuro-Oncology Program’s brain cancer research, to raise public awareness of this deadly disease, and spotlight the talent, strength and courage of their brain cancer patients. Money raised through Art of the Brain has helped Dr. Cloughesy develop one of the premier research laboratories in the world, where he partners with neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, and cancer researchers to eradicate this often fatal disease.

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Melodic Caring Project

Our mission is to encourage and love hospitalized kids through live music. MCP aims to bridge the gap between music and technology in being the first unified network of musicians streaming live concerts to kids and teens in the hospital.

The MELODIC CARING PROJECT is about one artist [or band] playing a live and extremely personal concert for a patient(s). That performance is filmed and streamed live directly to the patient's hospital bed where they can watch the show in the comfort and anonymity of their own room. The patient’s friends and family can join-in from their own homes to be a part of the concert as well. Through a live-chat feature on the Ustream page, the patient and their friends and family can chat throughout the concert sending real-time messages of love and encouragement creating a true sense of community and support. This unique service is free to the patient and free to the hospital. Revenues generated by donations, grants, sponsorships, merchandise sales etc., are re-distributed in the form of music to provide therapy, hope and empowerment to those suffering from serious illness.

Seattle Living Room Shows

Seattle Living Room Shows was founded in 2008 to provide an intimate setting in secret and unique locations across Seattle where guests are face to face with some of the best up and coming musicians from across the country. This rare experience brings the music back to its' most raw, powerful, and exposed form; while offering a deeper sense of connection and community for both musician and listener. Seattle Secret Shows are completely secret concerts in unique locations around the city. The venue is released only to those on the list the week before the show, and the artists are unknown until they come on stage! Seattle Living Room Shows & Seattle Secret Shows have partnered with Melodic Caring Project and are now streaming the majority of our shows into childrens’ hospital rooms that are in isolation due to life-threatening illnesses. Please view their websites at and and sign up for the mailing list to be the first to hear about these amazing shows!

Hear their latest interview with Jet City Stream Music!

UCLA Neuro-Oncology and their approach to treatment of Patients with a Primary Brain Tumors:

If you've been told you have a brain tumor, either as a result of a routine checkup or in the course of having some symptoms evaluated, all is not lost. Many low grade tumors can be resected and controlled. More aggressive tumors can be treated more aggressively. These high grade tumors undergo an attack using their arsenal of traditional and experimental therapies, giving you the best chance for survival and the best quality of life while undergoing treatment.

Dr. Timothy Cloughesy gives a detailed overview of how Translational Brain Cancer Research at UCLA rapidly brings developments from the research setting to the patient bedside. View the presentation

Despite the continued advancement of experimental therapies and diagnostic technologies, malignant brain tumors are still among the most morbid and devastating tumors of children and adults. The annual incidence of intracranial CNS tumors ranges from 10 to 17 per 100,000 persons. They are the leading cause of cancer death in the pediatric age group, the second leading cause of cancer mortality in people under 35, the fourth leading cause in individuals under the age of 54, and have significant public health implications. Help Multisonus Audio, Inc. and the UCLA NEURO-ONCOLOGY team kill the killer.

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