Continued Commitment To Excellence

Dick Zicari

Richard P. Zicari

On a Personal Note…

We dedicate this effort to create first-rate sound gear for musicians, artists, and audio aficionados to the memory of our friend and mentor, Richard "Dick" P. Zicari, (1933-1986), audio engineer extraordinaire, impresario of young musicians and sound technicians, and a true friend with a passion for excellence in the audio industry.

Every once in a great while, you meet a person who inspires you for the rest of your life; who has the attitude, style, generosity of spirit, and willingness to help when help is needed. —You feel it, you get it, you catch it, and you carry it forward. That’s Dick’s legacy to us.Dick Zicari was an audio engineer based in Rochester, NY who founded and ran Multi-Sonus, Inc., an audio services business, from July, 1970 until his death in March, 1986. He coined the phrase ‘preeminence in sound’” to describe his work, his esthetic, and his goal as a professional.He spent his professional years at the soundboard, striving for that preeminence, whether for a star performance by artists such as multi-Grammy winners Chuck Mangione and Judy Collins or a live event introducing new artists to the field. He was supportive of musicians new and known and gave his best to one and all. In those early analog days he often offered his expertise and facility pro bono to emerging artists unable to pay for the tools they needed to advance their careers. Dick was there to help birth many an artist’s dream and made lifelong friends in the process.In Dick Zicari, we remember a great human being whose sense of humor and accomplishment of that elusive “preeminence” will not soon be forgotten or equaled. We thank him for his friendship in the past and his inspiration for the future.