About Us

At MultiSonus Audio, where EarBombz™ originated, we come from a long history in the music industry. Both as professionals and sound aficionados, we created EarBombz™ to meet the demand for high quality, long-lasting pro gear at an affordable, highly competitive price.

Whether as performers, recording engineers, or music producers, our team shares over 50 years of experience, listening to how audio should sound in a variety of circumstances and through a multitude of devices.  Whether by headset, conventional speakers, or cutting-edge in-ear monitors, we have high expectations for the quality of our listening experience and strive to meet those expectations in our own line of products for you.

It was our shared dream to develop professional headsets on a par with any pro-sound equipment on the market today and to make them available at a price that is competitive in a global marketplace.

For discerning ears, at an affordable price, EarBombz™ are the bomb.


Our mission is to design and manufacture superior quality, professional audio products, using state of the art technology and cutting-edge, industrial-strength components while making those products available at prices affordable to listeners everywhere. From our lower priced models to top of the line products, our customers should expect nothing short of the best.

We are socially conscious in our aspirations and hope to use our company’s success to make a positive impact on the world we share by supporting such causes as brain cancer research, conservation of natural habitats such as the South American rain forests, and a wide variety of music programs. Please contact us at info@multisonusaudio.com for more information.